The CPCT Foundation began preparations in December 2017. It was cosponsored by a number of wellknown investors in the industry and the high technology industry. After more than half a year of preparation, it was established in Singapore in July 2018 to serve for all mankind. In order to achieve a better social aspiration, we will continue to realize our own development and innovation based on the future of mankind

Business Introduction

The CPCT Foundation's original intention in the blockchain industry is to help the blockchain industry thrive, provide more support and help to the digital asset industry, enable global digital assets to operate more compliant, and promote digital assets worldwide. The further development of the field will enable digital assets to develop better in the context of the value of the Internet and benefit the future society

CPCT Token
CPCT Token (Cyber Property Certification Token) is a proof of the CPCT Foundation's ecological community autonomy. Designed to better develop the community and motivate community members, the CPCT Foundation is established, and the proof of entitlement does not belong to any team, and its final interpretation is also left to the community. The total number of CPCT issuance is 2 billion and will never be issued
About C Network
CPCT Blockchain Assets Exchange Platform is a digital currency trading platform set up by the CPCT Foundation, referred to as “C Network”. The vision is to create an innovative digital asset trading platform
About US

Our vision is to pursue excellence and build first-class projects with international competitiveness and modern distribution companies.

Foundations and the times progress together, projects and the world trend, technology and humanity tomorrow

to become a community of social and economic values, conserve resources, increase human productivity, and create global future value

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